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Stockfish import to Nigeria

This is based on cooperation with specialized stockfish producers and trades in Norway and Iceland and in cooperation with quality dealers and distributors in Nigeria. Stockfish normally comes in various qualities and cuts, and based on various types of fish. We will deliver according to the customers specific requirements - all based on best quality.



Stockfish Heads


Stockfish heads - description

Stockfish heads are normally made from cod. The heads are packed in mixed sizes in bales of 35 kgs. May be shipped in other quantities

Stockfish filets



Hair extension based on human hair

Hair extension comes in various shapes and are made from varios types of hair. Some artificial hair and soem from  human hair Our extensions are all mounted by ourselves based on specially selected Indian human hair. Our hair påroducts are directly by ourselves or through selected Saloons.


Human hair bulk:




Human hair Mounted:



Sonic based Mosquito and Pest repellent

Ultrasonic technology is the newest way that homeowners and professionals are using to get rid of mosquitos, pests and rodents inside and outside of their homes and public buildings and areas. It deters pests with an ultrasonic sound that attacks the eardrums of these small creatures. For mosquitoes it uses sounds similar to the other sex - frightening then off. It is a chemical-free way of getting rid of pestsand mosquitoes. An eco-friendly ultrasonic device, safe for you and your family. The use of these devices against mosquitoes has made the fighting of malaria more efficient and environmental frieandly, and affordable. The repeller mentioned below are only two samples. They come in various sizes and fits varous application / areas, indoor and outdoor.


Mosquito repeller






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Stockfish filets - Description.

Stockfish is mainly mads from cod, but also commonly used is ling, tusk, haddock and saithe. The filets are packed in various lengths in bales of 45 kgs. 

Human hair bulk - description.
Human hair mounted - Description
Mosquito repeller