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  Cooperation with Get Lost Ltd, a sonic mosquito repellent dealer in Uganda


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  Stock fish availability

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Welcome To AC & T

AC & T was started in Norway as early as 1993. The initial purpose was consultancy services within ITC and Management. Based on gained experience, our consultancy service has grown to cover Managemt, Project Management and advisory services focusing on Africa and Far East.

In addition, the company is now focusing on trading within special areas, especially in Africa and Middle East.

Trading will only consentrate on specific products or services, and now we are only dealing with:

  • StocKfish import to Nigeria.
    This is based on cooperation with specialized stocfish producers and traders in Norway and cooperation with quality distributors in Nigeria.
  • Hair Extension
    We are selling human haire based hair extensions in Middle East and West Afric (Nigerian and Ghana). The extensions are produced by ourselves based on specially selected Indian hair. The distribution is only through individual sales and selected Saloons
  • Sonic based Mosquito and pest repellent
    The products are affordable and reliable Mosquito and pest repelland based on ultrasonic soud, The articles are scaleable and may be used by individuals, in small rooms, in official buildings (schools or hospitals) or in larger building coplexes or outdoor. The articles are 100% environmental friendly and does not involve any kind of toxic material. One major application of these devices is fighting malaria.



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